Hiraya Gallery Deutschland | Ronald Caringal
Ronald Caringal, moderne philippinische Kunst präsentiert und erhältlich in der Hiraya Gallery in Deutschland.
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  • Ronald Caringal Love is in the air or the source of it

    Bildgröße ( 91,5 cm x 122 cm ) H x B

  • Ronald Caringal It was the moment she got to the bottom of it all

    Bildgröße ( 41 cm x 92x 150 cm ) H x B x T

  • Ronald Caringal It was the moment her seal was broke

    Bildgröße ( 122 cm x 183 cm ) H x B

  • Ronald Caringal It was the moment he was glad to meat her

    Bildgröße ( 183 cm x 122 cm ) H x B

Ronald Caringal

Born in 1980 in Manila, Caringal studied Advertising Arts in the University of Santo Tomas, Philippines.


He has participated in several group and solo shows in Manila and New York. His tactile three-dimensional or larger-than-life works give them an interesting edge, taking away from the viewer the passive pleasure of plain viewership.