Hiraya Gallery Deutschland | Leonard Aguinaldo
Leonard Aguinaldo, moderne philippinische Kunst präsentiert und erhältlich in der Hiraya Gallery in Deutschland.
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  • Leonardo Aguinaldo Memprial to a Poisoned Dog

    Bildgröße ( 145 cm x 91 cm ) H x B

  • Leonardo Aguinaldo Shaman Magic Tree

    Bildgröße ( 116,5 cm x 88 cm ) H x B

  • Leonardo Aguinaldo Medicine Moon

    Bildgröße ( 91 cm x 61 cm ) H x B

Leonard Aguinaldo

Leonard Aguinaldo, Medicine MoonLeonard Aguinaldo, Memorial to a Poisoned DogLeonard Aguinaldo, Shaman Magic Tree.


Born in November 6, 1967, Aguinaldo, a native of Baguio City, was awarded Grand Prize in the ASEAN Art Awards sponsored by Philip Morris Philippines in 2004 and the 13 Artists Award of the Cultural Center of the Philippines in 2003.


“Aguinaldo’s work is done in a medium called ukir–handpainted on carved rubber sheet. One of the artist’s thematic characteristic that deals with the theme of nature and ethnicity is the conjunction of indigenous/traditional world views with contemporary, particularly computer technology.” Alice Guillermo – Today Newspaper, September 7, 2003