Hiraya Gallery Deutschland | Dina Gadia
Dina Gadia, moderne philippinische Kunst präsentiert und erhältlich in der Hiraya Gallery in Deutschland.
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  • Dina Gadia All Outta Angst

    Bildgröße ( 122 cm x 122 cm ) H x B

  • Dina Gadia Rip of Horror

    Bildgröße ( 122 cm x 153 cm ) H x B

Dina Gadia

In “All Outta Angst,” the wolf means anger, the wolf means respect, the wolf means leader, the wolf means enemy, anger means madness, madness means insanity, leader means dictator, dictator means oppressor, enemy means other, other means partner, partner means spouse—the chain of simulacra extends infinitely, proliferating its own cancer cells: The wolf feminized by flowers, each flower masculinized by the wolf, all of them feeding off each other.