Hiraya Gallery Deutschland | Mark Justiniani
Mark Justiniani, moderne philippinische Kunst präsentiert und erhältlich in der Hiraya Gallery in Deutschland.
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Mark Justiniani

Born 1966 in Negros Occidental, Philippines, Justiniani studied Fine Arts, Major in Painting at the University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City and graduated in 1994.


He was awarded the Thirteen Artists Award of Cultural Center of the Philippines in 1994 and received Award of Excellence in the 22nd National Shell Student Painting Competition. He was the Philippine Representative at the Pathfinder Mural Project, Pathfinder Press, New York, USA in 1989.


“Justiniani’s paintings illustrate how our culture can reshape our perception of the easel painting, a Western object measured according to Western standards. Because his paintings tap the everyday and the experiential. They do not require to be put up in pedestals. They chronicle experiences with the intimacy of a diary or a journal, and ask only to be heard” Talitha Espiritu, Sunday Chronicle, November 21, 1993