Hiraya Gallery Deutschland | Edgar Talusan-Fernandez
Edgar Talusan-Fernandez, moderne philippinische Kunst präsentiert und erhältlich in der Hiraya Gallery in Deutschland.
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  • Edgar Talusan Fernandez I Saw The Clouds

    Bildgröße ( 76,5 cm x 122 cm ) H x B

  • Edgar Talusan Fernandez Illumination in Orange

    Bildgröße ( 76 cm x 56 cm ) H x B

Edgar Talusan-Fernandez

Born in Manila in 1955, Fernandez obtained his degree in advertising from the College of Music and Fine Arts, Philippine Women’s University in Manila in 1975. He gained his reputation as a painter in both representational art and abstractions.


He is a multi-awarded watercolorist and a recipient of the Cultural Center of the Philippine’s “13 Artists Award” in 1990.


“Sometime in 2000, Fernandez was diagnosed with myocardial infraction, and he knew how close to death he was, for he actually experienced being on the threshold of the afterlife. His works is an attempt to recreate the visions he saw in those indeterminate moments of consciousness, an intimation, ethereal while it lasts, of one’s mortality.” Exhibition Note, Variations on a Theme of Light, September 29, 2001